Oceans of Hope UK proud to be part of RYA Sailability

In January of this year, we found out that we had been accepted as an affiliate of the RYA’s Sailability program.

The RYA’s national programme enables people with disabilities to try sailing and regularly participate in the sport. The organisation not only helps people with any kind of disability get out on the water, but supports and guides organisations like Oceans of Hope UK all over the country.

Oceans of Hope UK are still a fledgling charity. We have been organising sailing events for people with Multiple Sclerosis since 2016. Our family is growing and the opportunities we offer are growing too. With the support of the RYA, we are learning so many new things as an organisation and we are extending our range of contacts to undertake collaborations with other Sailability clubs too.

The most important thing is that we have more access to boats of all shapes and sizes for us to not only host Oceans of Hope Challenge events, but for our participants to continue experiencing the many benefits of sailing nearer home.

With the help of the RYA, Oceans of Hope UK is inspired to reach out and work with even more people with MS and get addicted to sailing.

Sailing with other people with MS is a truly unique way of getting back out into life. We get the opportunity to talk to others with MS, exchange experiences, hopes and fears, and also the opportunity to be part of a team, part of an engaging and supportive network or extended family. We get the opportunity to learn new skills and find freedom and space with good people who understand all of our intricate needs.

Personally, for me, fear was the killer. Not knowing how life is going to be like in the coming days, weeks or years. The fear of not being worthy or a burden to others who may not understand what’s going on with me.

With Oceans of Hope UK, people get the chance to be magnificent again and forget the fear. We get to achieve things as part of a team again. We get the motivation and chance to keep going; to be part of something great again.

We host sailing events throughout the year: click here to see more.

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